Natural Stone

Our natural stone is carefully chosen to provide our clients with a range of colors and shapes.  Allied Hardscapes wide inventory can be used to match existing landscape and building styles, as an accent to more refined materials, or as the basis for new landscaping. We are capable of ordering any stone not in our regular inventory and provide delivery to your site.

Belgian block is hand cut to uniform sizes and shapes. Popularly used as driveway curbing, this granite stone is hard and beautiful. Its color is consistent from stone to stone which creates strong lines and direction in your landscaping such as the outline of a garden path or separation of patio from yard.

Fieldstone is native, unprocessed stone. It lends itself to rural and rustic environments as well as urban environments which need a touch of nature.  We offer pallets which include a range of usable sizes and shapes. These stones are typically used for walls, either dry-laid or mortared. Our inventory consists of limestone from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and North Carolina.

Tumbled bluestone is a flat stacking stone in a distinctive blue color. It is frequently used for walls and pathways. The process of tumbling the stone dulls sharp edges, making it useful for locations where people are present. Its flat surfaces make it suitable for dry-laid or mortared walls.