Flowable Fill

Flowable Fill™ is engineered backfill used to provide a solid foundation for garage and basement concrete slab, bedding for sewer pipes and other structures. It provides a stronger, more reliable foundation that will not settle or sink like soil or granular backfill materials.

Flowable Fill™, a blend of cement, fly ash, sand and water, can be placed by chute, pump, conveyor, or bucket and because it is self-leveling, no spreading or compacting of the material is required.


    • Easy Delivery and Placement
    Flowable Fill™ is delivered by ready mix trucks and can be placed by chute, pump, conveyor, or bucket.
    • Mix Matches the Application
    Flowable Fill™ mix can be adjusted to meet specific project, structural or excavation needs.
    • Strong and Durable
    Load-carrying capacities of Flowable Fill™ are greater than soil or granular fill. Flowable Fill™ is also less permeable, making it more resistant to erosion.
    • Will Not Settle or Sink Flowable Fill™ does not form voids during placement and won’t settle or rut under loading.
    • Provides Improved Safety
    Flowable Fill™ can be placed in a trench without anyone entering the trench, reducing worker exposure to unsound ground.
    • Allows All Weather Construction
    Flowable Fill™ will displace any standing water left in a trench from rain or melting snow, reducing the need for pump.
    • Less Equipment Needs Required to Place Fill No loaders, rollers, or tampers are needed to place Flowable Fill™, unlike soil or granular backfill.

Back Fill for: Sewer, Trenches, Utility Trenches, Building Excavations, Bridge Abutments, Conduit Trenches

Structural Fill for: Road Base , Mud Jacking, Sub Footing, Floor Slab Base, Pipe Bedding

Other Uses: Underground Storage Tanks, Slope Stabilization, Soil Erosion Control, Mud Mats, Abandoned Sewers

Additional information is available at the National Concrete Masonry Association website: www.ncma.org