Ready Mix

With eleven locations in Central Virginia to serve you, Allied manufactures a wide-range of specialty concrete mixes from hi-strength structural concrete to specialty lightweight topping slab mixes. Each mix represents a custom formula; specially engineered for each application and project.

Allied works closely with architects and building professionals to ensure that the mix design meets the desired specifications for each project.

Ready mix concrete can also be modified to offer a variety of decorative looks by adding color, rock

(exposed aggregate) and finishing (stamping, texture skins) techniques.

• Mixed to Specification – Each mix is specially engineered to architectural specification.
• Structural and Decorative Use – Ready mix concrete can be used to provide structural foundation for a home as well as decorative accents within it such as kitchen counters, fireplaces and floors.
• Durable – Concrete resists damage from salt air, rain, snow and hurricane force winds as well as insect damage.
• Effective Sound Barrier – Concrete acts as a great sound barrier to external noises.
• Fire Resistant – Concrete resists the passage of flames, smoke and heat.
• Water Resistant – Sealed concrete repels water.

Buildings, bridges, streets and pathways
Basement slab and walls
Columns and beams
Suspended structural slab
Decorative and sculptural
Countertops and sinks
Floors and fireplaces (Residential & Commercial)
Patios and decks